Welcome To The New Frontier!

The Villain in black

The Villain In Black Is Ready To Attack

First of all I would like to say Happy New Year and Season’s Greetings to you.  I hope each one of you enjoyed quality time with family and friends.  Now, I want you to saddle up for a long but prosperous year.

I am excited to be coming back in full capacity in covering high school track & field and cross country. The time away this past fall made me realize how much I truly love the sport. After ESPN HS shut its doors, I felt it was best to take a step back and re-organize myself. I spent an ample amount of time doing some research on the needs and want of the sport. I noticed that high school running like other sports change with the times. With that being said, I hope you are in for something new and innovative moving forward.

Besides the usual on-site meet coverage, photos, and videos, I would like to see if I can take things a bit further by pushing the envelope on things when appropriate. I would like to inject more of the personality of the sport to the masses. There are so many people who have a story to tell and they may not be athletes, coaches, or the media.  It could be that they are the average Joe fan. So, be on the lookout this season for fun, laughs, controversy, and maybe even cries. But all in all, it will be one to remember.

2 comments on “Welcome To The New Frontier!

  1. Illinois track and field needs a great website like this, I look forward to your work as the year goes along.

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